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‘‘The Rise’/ In Our Own Image".  

- Group Exhibition 'Darkness Visible'  D-Light studios / Photo museum Ireland, Dublin 2022

'Images are all we Have' Photo Ireland 2022

 - Group Exhibition  showing  'a place to sleep'  

‘A Blanket of Woven Shadows’

- Solo Exhibition - Belfast exposed photography Gallery (2021)


- ‘A place to sleep’ -Belfast exposed Photography Gallery


- ‘Co-operates well with others’ - Pollen studio, Belfast


Sixteen touring 

Photo-fusion Gallery, London. R K Burt Gallery, London, London City Bridge, 

Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery, Parkside Birmingham City University, Millennium Point, Ellesmere Port Library, The Atkinson, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Format International Photography Festival, Home Manchester, 42nd Street & Horsfall Space. 


Beyond view

- ‘A place to sleep’ (working progress) -Belfast exposed Photography Gallery


‘Introducing’ & End of year show

 - ‘Between the river and the road - Belfast school of art and Ally 

Arts Centre 


Ulster Photo fair

- ‘Fear of The Dark, Belfast School of Art. 


Cage with without a key

- Goose Lane Gallery, Belfast - Libraries Ni  



- ‘Cage without a key’ - Millennium Court Arts Centre





               - The Guardian Weekend Magazine Cover- Article By Tom Lamont             

              - The Double Negative Sixteen Review – Article by Joshua Turner             

              - A New Common Chord - Project - Co-operates well with others

              - An Interview With David Copeland – Pupil Sphere - Roz Doherty

              - A Blanket of Woven Shadows - Zero Nine Magazine





Sixteen Touring exhibition

  • In a major touring exhibition leading contemporary photographers’ join forces to present the multimedia project sixteen, exploring the dreams, hopes and fears of sixteen-year-old across the UK.


Forever Young 

  • Commissioned by Ps Squared Gallery and Belfast exposed to provide photographic project within Ballykinler /Ballykinlar village.





              - A Blanket of Woven Shadows

              - a place to sleep

              - Between the river and the road

              - Co-operates well with others (the central)

              - Fear of the dark             

              - A cage without a key



              - Membership Bursary with Shutter Hub

              - Shortlisted Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition 163.                          

              - Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2021 printed publication             

              - Belfast Exposed Futures Award


JUNE 2020 - MFA - Photography Ulster University - Distinction

JUNE 2017 - BA - Photography Ulster University -Frist class with honours -Dean’s list 

JUNE 2015 - HND - Photography Southern Regional College - Distinction 

JUNE 2013 – Extended Diploma – Creative Media Production -Southern Regional Collage - Triple Distinction 

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