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Sixteen ..(Dear, Future self )

In a major new touring exhibition leading contemporary photographers to join forces to present the multimedia project Sixteen, exploring the dreams, hopes and fears of sixteen-year-olds across the UK

Photographer Craig Easton conceived this ambitious project following his engagement with sixteen-year-olds at the time of the Scottish Referendum. It was the first, and as yet only, time that these young people were given the vote in the UK.


Using the vivid memory of a school careers class at the age of sixteen to establish my approach to the 'SIXTEEN' Project.

I recalled being asked what I wanted to be, what if it didn’t work out, What would have to fall back on and What was my plan B? 

Recognising this as a question that might raise doubts in a young person’s mind I travelled across Northern Ireland photographing sixteen-year-olds who reflect on my invitation to write a letter to themselves, sixteen years hence, a lifetime away. ‘It would be a reminder of their dreams and aspirations, at this potentially life-defining age of sixteen.

more info: @sixteen_touring  @sixteentouring 

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